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PDC = Partie du Champagne (香檳派對)  A Weekend Florist's Party

To see a World in a Grain of Sand  /  在一粒沙看到一個世界
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,  /    在一朵花看到一片天堂
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand  /  在你的手心裡把握無限
And Eternity in an hour.    /   那一小時就是永恆. 

- William Blake,  "Auguries of Innocence"


我沒賣香檳的,也不算是賣花. 花藝也不是我的全部.
生日時的花, 母親節父親節的花, 戀愛時的花, 登台表演的花, 得獎的花, 畢業時的花, party 的花, 婚禮的花, 聖誕節的花, 新年的花, 紀念日的花... etc.

Every day should be celebrated with a Champagne and some flowers! 

沒人送花時, 想到電影 "The Hours" 其中一位女主角曾說過: "I'll buy the flowers myself", 那時還住在加拿大, 平時去超市或回家的路上就會去買束花拿回家放著,自己看也開心. 在 UK 的兩年所收到的花也讓我很懷念 (笑).

"If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul" - Mohammad


開始接觸花藝其實是某個晚上突然的一個 "領悟", 就這樣開始我的 "weekend florist" chapter.

花藝很專業, 就像很多東西都能很專業. 
但其實也很見仁見智, 別人認為很棒的, 你覺得 soso.  

國內外到處學習, 到處見習. 國內外的書籍也翻遍, 沒有人教的就自己去摸索或找資料. 國際花藝證照課也上的不比其他人少, 但就如幾位歐美的花藝名師所說, 證照有什麼用? 你再多的證照做出來的沒人喜歡也沒用. 最重要的還是在練習&嘗試與創新.

發現許多花材一次買的量較大,我自己一個人插可能一次插太多一樣的, 或家裡堆太多東西.
所以開始幫家人插, 或是找好朋友來一起辦 Flower PA.
到後來的這個網店和不定期的小型 weekend florist 聚會.

感謝大家的同樂陪伴與持續的支持. :D


I don't sell Champagne. Nor do I just sell flowers. Flower arrangement is not exactly my full-time job. It started when one day I realized that I want my old days back - the days when I was able to fill my calendar with things I want to learn (& perhaps make good use of them after). Flower arrangement was one of the many things I picked up after that. It was also the least stressful (in fact quite relaxing). Having lived in Vancouver for half of my life and London/UK for some time, I also miss the days that are filled with pretty flowers and good memories. 

Flower arrangement can be very technical and highly "architectural".. just like many things I suppose.
But it's also very personal. An award-winning florist's style might not be your cup of tea. 
I started taking classes and learning from different florists, including diploma and certification courses. My apartment started to fill with many kinds of flowers. A bit too much for myself. So I started to arrange flowers for families and organize flower arrangement parties with friends. Then I set up this site and my studio to arrange flower arrangement workshops and parties. Hope to share the joy of flower arrangement with many more.

Thank you all for the support! :D